Our Vision

The Vision

We have created a safe space for people to come to have fun, to learn to move more efficiently, effectively and therefore become fitter, stronger and more resilient.  The space will motivate, invigorate and rehabilitate people of all ages and backgrounds to keep active, feel positive and have fun.

The People

Teaching is an ancient craft and done well it leaves a legacy with those who learn.  We have built on our existing team of excellent practitioners to provide an environment that attracts great teachers in movement-based therapy. With the right people we will collaborate to produce amazing outcomes for our patients and clients

The Clients

Most people have forgotten what we mean when we talk about feeling stronger, more supple and energetic again.  Busy lives, lost motivation and fear means an increasing feeling of stiffness, lethargic and anxiety of injury. Getting patients and clients active again in a safe, supported and fun environment can reverse the decline and get you smiling again.

“we don’t grow older we grow unfit”


The Studio

The studio is a warm, light and relaxing space full of natural light. This space has a dedicated fresh air replacement system to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) and boost oxygen (O2) levels to make exercise and activity feel like you are outside but with all the protection of being inside. The Studio is centrally heated to keep temperature constant throughout the year, has free filtered water and extensive, free car park next to the building.

The lessons

We provide a variety of classes to suit individual needs and preferences including Pilates & Yoga.

We plan to add other services such as Tai Chi, Silver Swans, Barre, Rehabilitation and we will be starting a Back Pain School soon.  Classes will need to differ in intensity and duration to suit the client’s needs. Classes will be relaxed and leave time for individual attention, questions, homework and to address concerns.

The admin

Physical Balance has been running a busy multidisciplinary practice in North Hampshire since 1996 and will provide the warm, clean and safe space.....all you needed to enjoy your classes. Our administration team will provide a comprehensive reception service 6 days a week and ensure a welcoming, safe and fun environment for teachers, clients and students.

Keeping You Active,

Smiling and Feeling Better